Our Story

Growing up in a small town about an hour away from Toronto, Ontario beauty choices for people of colour were pretty limited, and I thought it was totally normal for makeup not to completely match your skin tone, or to show up grey in photos. When I moved away for school into a city much, much larger than what I was used to, I learned the difference.

You know that feeling when you step into Sephora for the first time and you literally feel like a kid in a candy store? Having access to stores with hair products formulated for my kinky coils and finding makeup that was much closer to my actual skin tone changed my world.

Now as much as I love those high-end makeup brands, they can be quite pricey; especially when you’re a student. I think it’s important to be able to find quality products that work well with your skin without having to spend a fortune.

Caribbean festivals are held all across North America and the West Indies, during the summer and the costumes have always been my favourite. The bright, vibrant colours that I only got to see once a year inspired me to start my own beauty line. But not just vibrant lip shades, but high-pigmented, high-quality beauty products to people of colour without the high price tag.

While we do focus on people of colour for our mineral makeup and foundations, we encourage everyone to try products from our skin care line, and we do plan to provide makeup for all skin tones in the near future.

We make all of our cosmetics in small batches in Canada, so you won’t have to worry about how long that batch has been sitting on a shelf, and what preservatives might be keeping it from expiring. Speaking of preservatives, every product that we make is all-natural. We don’t include parabens, benzophenone, fragrance, phthalates or any of those synthetic and harmful chemicals that are typically found in most cosmetics. Like most pet owners, we treat our furry friends like family, and for that reason we are completely cruelty-free and will never test on animals.

But this is just the beginning of our story, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to watch the rest unfold, and if you ever have any questions or feedback about any of our products, email us at carnivalebeauty@gmail.com


Founder of Carnivale Beauty
Toronto, Ontario